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Any look, glam, casual, day or evening always goes from top to toe. It's fab having a great outfit but if your shoes aren't up to scratch then the whole look can flop. Same too if you have fabulous shoes but your hair is a mess! So instalment two of staycation style are my own (personal tips) hints and tricks that help me look good and feel good with minimum fuss! As a mum of two if I look good..I feel good.

1. Hair. My go-to between washes tend to be OUAI dry hair shampoo or Living proof dry hair shampoo. Both smell amazing, do a good job of freshening up hair and can add more volume where you need it. I also LOVE a hairband. With more swimming on the cards you will find them a godsend. Great to keep hair looking 'done' and a secret cover up for roots! 

2. Jewellery. Generally I tend to choose between statement earrings or a statement necklace. I love the delicate necklaces and the more chunky ones I have collected over the years paired with simple studs. Don't you think a little sparkle (Obviously!) goes a long way? Even the simplest t shirt and jeans are transformed with some colourful earrings. I love Harry Rocks London and Chambers and Beau.

3. Layering Either your hot...or not. I AM NOT. I'm always cold, so I aways make sure I am prepared. The idea of layering is basic, simple and very effective. I always start with a dress/t shirt/top. Adding thin layers means no bulk and is a great way to add interest, colour and texture to your starting piece. For example you can pair a t shirt with jeans, add a cardigan, layer this with a biker or mac and a lightweight scarf. Or wear a dress with a cardigan, lightweight gilet, and denim jacket. Thin layers aren't cumbersome to carry and can be worn/removed as you wish!

4. Footwear Comfort doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style! Trainers are such a versatile and stylish option to pair with (almost) any outfit! Whether you like a chunky trainer, more feminine style or classic white. There are so many options and cater for every budget. Personal favourites are leather Converse, Veja, Mimi's Edit glitter superstars or Adidas gazelles.

5. Bags If you have to carry a lot of luggage (I have two children under 8) then organisation is your friend. I tend to use high street brands rather than my designer bags for 'days out'. Usually a larger one which will be my Silvertag London bag or my joules backpack and then a smaller one with my purse phone and keys. My smaller bag is always a cross body style as I find this works well and keeps my hands free to hold my darlings hands! Brands I love are Ameliarose Accessories, Ralph Lauren and Karen Millen.

I really hope you've enjoyed reading part two of  my mini blog. I would love to read your comments, opinions and questions if you have any. Do you like reading these mini posts? Shall I continue? 

Preet xoxo

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